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Appointing a Guardian - A Difficult Decision

As your special needs son or daughter reaches the age of 18, you may be considering a lot of things regarding Guardianship. These things may be:

-Whether you should seek Guardianship or have your adult disabled child execute a Power of Attorney;

-Who should be appointed as Guardian by the Court;

-What duties does a Guardian have;

-Who should be appointed as a successor Guardian if you and/or your spouse are no longer able to act in that capacity;

-What should you do if you cannot agree on a Guardian;

-How do you leave instructions for the successor Guardian, if something sudden were to happen to you?

All of these decisions are deeply personal and can take a lot of consideration and cooperation between parents, family members, caregivers, and the adult disabled child. Be sure to talk with an experienced Estate Planning Attorney to make sure that you understand the responsibilities and duties of Guardianship, as well as how to properly set up your estate plan so that a successor Guardian is selected and given proper instruction on how to care for your son or daughter.

Please contact us today for more information and to set up a meeting to discuss your options.

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